Suicide Deaths of US Military, Every 80 Minutes A Vet Takes His/Her Life

The only Veteran in the Race, the the only non-CFR man addressing a topic that Robomney will never touch, is guess who? Ron Paul, of course! These stellar weekly commentaries by a statesman have been enjoyed for decades by liberty … Continue reading

Robamney: CFR Team A vs CFR Team B—Both are CFR

In the 1960’s, Bill Clinton’s mentor, Carroll Quigley, professor of History at Georgetown, authored a book entitled “Tragedy and Hope.” He had been given the private documents and writings of the power elite and commissioned to write a book for … Continue reading

Why We Go To War

A man feeling inspiration created this video, which brings one to nearly weep at the peril of our foolish nation whose citizenry have succumbed to “ambitious and scheming leaders” who bring them into costly wars and are now about to … Continue reading

Imagine: Chinese Troops Invade the Heart of Texas

Our current actions and foreign policy, as Ron Paul points out, will change eventually, with bankruptcy, as all empires do. Speaking of empire, LDS people who are attuned to light and knowledge rather than sophistry and propaganda, appreciate these statements … Continue reading

LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley Prays for a Ron Paul Presidency?

Video Part 2,  Part 3 (part 3 concludes with the prayer quoted below) Government expands and expands, it matters not which party is in office, nor does it ever matter the promises made in their campaigns.  In 1997, recognizing the … Continue reading