An Ugly, Wicked, Evil and Abusive Statism ahead as Sheeple vote CFR Team A vs CFR Team B

It is deeply unfortunate, to see how much disdain LDS people have held the counsel of their own church leaders through the decades.  Rather than believe the words and take the counsel of prophets, most of these “saints” have worshiped … Continue reading

Mitt Romney Schooled with an Open Letter from Dr. Jack Monnett

Dear Mitt, A few years ago, I was also involved in the 2002 Olympics held in Salt Lake City. Although not in such an auspicious role as you held, I nonetheless was able to watch your actions and gather certain … Continue reading

Robamney: CFR Team A vs CFR Team B—Both are CFR

In the 1960’s, Bill Clinton’s mentor, Carroll Quigley, professor of History at Georgetown, authored a book entitled “Tragedy and Hope.” He had been given the private documents and writings of the power elite and commissioned to write a book for … Continue reading

Why We Go To War

A man feeling inspiration created this video, which brings one to nearly weep at the peril of our foolish nation whose citizenry have succumbed to “ambitious and scheming leaders” who bring them into costly wars and are now about to … Continue reading

LDS Scholar & WWII Veteran, Hugh Nibley, Blasts Preemptive War

Hugh Nibley (and the Book of Mormon) on preemptive War Part 2 This should not come as a shock, for right out of the Book of Mormon—for which the LDS Church is under “condemnation, a scourge and judgement” for having treated … Continue reading

The Head of the CIA Bin Laden Unit Supports Ron Paul

Fortunately, there are some good people sprinkled throughout government, such as Michael Scheurer.  This salt among the loaf, keep us from being wiped off the face of the earth perhaps.  Students of the Book of Mormon are familiar with all … Continue reading

Is Pre-Emptive War Justifiable? (LDS perspective)

In the 1986 First Presidency Christmas Devotional, LDS Church President Ezra Taft Benson, a seer, surveying the entire church, made a most stark observation: “I have noted within the Church a dif­fer­ence in dis­cern­ment, insight, con­vic­tion, and spirit between those … Continue reading