David Rockefeller Soiling Himself, Trump Just Axed the TPP

David Rockefeller is surely soiling himself in perpetuity over the first major thing Trump accomplished the first business day after his inaugural, which was to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Add to that, his stating he would renegotiation NAFTA with Mexico. NAFTA, once passed, was used by the Globalists as a highly destructive tool to move entire populations. With it, vast amounts of cheap corn was dumped onto the Mexican market by design of the Globalists to bankrupt thousand and tens of thousands of Mexican farmers. It worked. It left them destitute and in need of migrating to try to survive.  They were bankrupted.  Below in this post are two excerpts illustrating this globalist evil influence in the destruction of the Jaimacan economy from the documentary film “Life and Debt” which is a highly valuable film that does not give you the spin from the US Corporate “fake news” media owned by the moneychangers.

Rockefeller and the CFR have been putting these trade agreements together for decades.

In reading “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by the sweet American Patriot and sage, G. Edward Griffin, in 1995, having found myself magnetized to it by some divine stirring—almost as if everything else in the bookstore was not visible and only this one book could be seen—which held a deep overwhelming attraction for me, I came across a footnote I disbelieved.

The footnoted quoted Henry Kissinger in an Op-Ed piece buried in the LA Times in 1993, saying that NAFTA and GATT had little if anything at all to do with trade, but put in the framework for global government.

A girlfriend and I went to BYU and in the library looked up in microfilm the citation, and sure enough, in microfilm we found that newspaper and that citation of the treasonous Henry Kissinger, subordinate to David Rockefeller, pushing that sickening treason, turning over national sovereignty to unelected international bureaucracies to manage trade (for the purposes of the Globalists who hate humanity, freedom, liberty, and prosperity).

Al Gore shilled for it constantly. Bill Clinton backed it. The globalist shiester, Newt Gingrich backed it. Dems and repubs all joined together for the Rockefeller New World Order NAFTA and GATT treaties. All the congressional folks (traitors) in Utah backed it saving one congressman in his first term, Merrill Cook, who went against it and the GOP elite party mafia in the state of Utah (all LDS professing and secret combination upholding) combined against him for his betrayal of the Rockefeller, globalist agenda. They ensured he would not have a second term, and they combined to make it so. They are all New World Order boot lickers who lust for national posts, appointments, grant money, and recognition.

Many citizens not content or trusting of establishment cheerleading of these utopian trade agreements waited to see what Rush Limbaugh would say. Surely he wouldn’t back a trade treaty that Clinton and Gore were for? Oh, but he did. Limbaugh was a new right wing gate keeper out to sell the big items the Globalists needed bipartisan support on. All the elite and every gate keeper in the “left vs right” media shilled for Rockefeller’s hateful legislation promoting national destruction. True patriots like Phillis Schlaffly were screaming their heads off against these trade agreements, talking of the massive offshoring of manufacturing that would take place and national sovereignty destroyed.

David Rockefeller in his own autobiography, “Memoirs,” published in 2002 stated—even boasted—on page 405, without the faintest fear of reprisal from the American sheeple, of: “conspiring” “against the best interests of the United States” and of being part of “a secret cabal” working to bring about “a new world, if you will.”
Smug and sick republicans and democrats have backed these evil combinations.

Dick Cheney laughs at it and mocks the dumbass voters back in Wyoming who he knows are easily bamboozled by election year rhetoric and as ever the phony professing of “conservative” “Christianity.”

Utah voters sometimes can be made the most stupid, or easiest to manipulate with mindless propaganda to back an elitist banker agenda.

Fortunately, whether you like or dislike Trump, few found Mitt Romney shilling against Trump last year as persuasive.

All the establishment Dems and repubs have hated Trump.

I didn’t think Trump was anything but a globalist shill and I didn’t choose to tune into debates last year.

Trump did, I would hear on podcasts of Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods, be said to have spoken out against the foolishness of the Iraq war—something they said no other dem or repub would do. This was an anomaly. Why would he break rank from the script the rest of the CFR candidates (both dem and repub) were reading from?

Soon it seemed the Bushes hated Trump. The Clintons hated Trump. Mitt Romney totally hated Trump. Could all of this hatred been political theater? It seemed the actors aren’t good enough for such performances. Their hatred was far more evident than they could have acted it to be if it weren’t real.

The media hated Trump. The whole establishment hated him.
I started to hear of prophecies that Trump would be chosen to be elected. I began tuning into channeled recordings of Archangel Michael saying Trump would be elected and that we should pray for him to be protected, that we should ask too that the veils be thinned between him and St. Germain for whom Trump is a soul-extension. He is to be used to fight the Globalists and put a halt to their rampant New World Order cesspool of a global tyranny of international socialism/communism/fascism.

I began to believe. I’m believing more and more. To rail on NAFTA is political blasphemy in the USSA. Trump did it. He trashed Rockefeller’s TPP, and today destroyed it.

Pray folks. Pray hard. Pray he overthrows the Marxist graduated income tax. I thought I heard he said all those making under $45,000 would have zero income taxes. This would be a vast boon and boost to the economy and bless the poor from being looted and plundered by a vicious and greedy government. Those tax dollars go into a cesspool pit and never do a thing to help and bless the people, but only finances their oppression. Those dollars need to be kept in the hands of the people and not allowed to be stolen by criminal government.

Watch the video and grasp, please, the monumental stance Trump just made. David Rockefeller may just have opted for his next heart transplant with what happened today.

The Bushes are losing it.

May Trump declassify the entire video footage confiscated by the FBI on 9/11 that shows a missile hitting the Pentagon.

May all the whistleblowers be released. I have heard Obama (CFR puppet and stooge for the Moneychangers) has jailed more whistleblowers in the last 8 years than were abolished and persecuted in the prior 100 years. Government is an absolute monster that we must have be stopped. Whistle blowers must be allowed to blow the whistle.

I don’t like all that I’ve heard Trump talk about, as some of it sounds like big government words and philosophies, but I do believe he is for nationalism over globalism, and that is not a lamentable shift and direction. My true hero would be one to eradicate all government. I suppose that will have to be the King of Kings.

Now, a brief video on Rockefeller Trade Agreements and Dick Cheney being smug speaking at the CFR, laughing at the stupid American voter:


Here is a clip featuring how the globalists destroy national economies or whole sectors of or industries in nations.  This 3 minute clip features the destruction of the dairy industry in Jaimaica.  Here we see the President of Jaimaica speaking to the camera describing the IMF and World Bank pushing their power by imposing trade mandates on the nation.  Subsidies were put upon imported powdered milk from the US, a poor quality as compared to natively produced, real milk.  The farmers couldn’t compete with the subsidy, and their milk is turned out—FDR, Maxist, New Deal-style—into the dirt.  All the dairy cattle on the island are slaughtered.  An entire self-reliant industry is destroyed through internationalist, unelected tyrants pushed by Rockefeller and the globalists who care not for people, but seek to destroy their self-reliance and independence, their freedom.  After the dairy industry is destroyed, the subsidy is removed, and the only option the people on the island have at this point is a foreign import that is inferior quality, and now more expensive than the natively produced, better quality product of local milk that they enjoyed having available on the market before the wicked globalists brought forth.

All from this from wicked, globalist trade deals pushed by Rockefeller, and the corrupt Dems and Repubs, which US President, Donal J. Trump attacked his first business day in office when he killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is more of this same trash, but on a grander scale.  If you think Kennedy had enemies who took his life, you best pray for Donald Trump, for he has really pissed off a huge swath of elite moneychangers, oath bound brethren who murder and work great evil, but for whom some are feeling is receiving divine protection to help bring the world away from the brink of destruction with God opting to work through him as an instrument to restore some sanity, allow freedom once again with a curtailing of government tyranny, regulation, taxation, and control.  Let hope this trend to destroy globalism can work it’s full agenda.


Another short clip from the film “Life and Debt” which is an excellent lesson in economics that should have all people who care for justice and right in this world to decry David Rockefeller’s international trade deals that the wicked establishment Democrats and Republicans have fully backed and supported in lock-step obedience to their globalist overlords of the shadow government.  Trump just undermined all of this trend his first business day in office as he killed the TPP.

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