Endorse Liberty Presentation, For Voters Age 55 Plus

Ron Paul has a massive, overwhelming support of the youth in the nation, and he has more support by active duty and US Military vets than all the other candidates combined, both Republican and Democrat.  The US establishment media black out Ron Paul as much as they can.  Youth, internet savvy as they are, have and are busting loose of the Soviet style centralized media outlets and propaganda.  How is the media unfair? An example: Ron Paul came in 2nd place in Nevada in 2008, yet both CNN and Fox News that day reported 1st, 3rd, and 4th place wins, and totally omitted the name, face, and picture the number two spot, Ron Paul,  when otherwise, the on-screen graphic showed the other candidates.

Endorse Liberty have found that when the have polled GOP voters over the age of 55, they poll Ron Paul at 10%.  After those same voters get more facts without the establishment spin and distortion, they change their votes from 10% to nearly 48%.  Here, we ask that truly, unlike Fox News,  “You Decide.”

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