Love Orrin? Let Him Retire! — 2 Comments

  1. I truly do feel bad for Orrin. He spoke at the funeral of W. Cleon Skousen, and you could tell he knew his audience well, and he also was a bit sheepish on some level, knowing that his audience knew he has not been true to that original endorsement Dr. Skousen gave him back in the 1970’s when he first ran for the US Senate.

    I have no idea the full throttle behind the scenes means the elite have to compromise these legislators to sell out, but there are some nefarious and devious methods we hear and read of, such as spoken of in “The Franklin Coverup” written by Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp. That book is not usually a recommended read, for what is chronicled therein is very dark and very disturbing, bringing to light some of the darkest elements of the Lucifarian elite and the wickedness they engage in regarding torture, mind control, murder, child sex trafficking, the CIA and military continuation of the work by Nazi Doctors.

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